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  1. What you can do is create a QWidget set it as the central widget and give this one a layout. QMainWindow has its own layout already to place statusbar and mainmenu ...​why-cant-i-add-a... - Cached
  2. Why is there still the ... Unfortunatly I can\'t add new QLayouts to the QGridLayout at runtime. If I want to add them in the constructor of my QMainWindow it\'s no ...​5039.html - Cached
  3. I\'ve created QMainWindow, which have a QGridLayout. In each grid I\'m adding QTextBrowser Widget. ... Why can\'t I add a QGridLayout to a QMainWindow? 0.​qgridlayout...on-size-of-qmainwindow - Cached
  4. ... Unfortunately it\'s not possible to add a QGridLayout* to a QDockWidget in a QMainWindow. It is possible to add one QLineEdit or one ... Can\'t you just create ...​to-add-something... - Cached
  5. If I try to set the images in the QMainWindow\'s constructor ... 42. Can\'t add QButtonGroup to QGridLayout 43. QGridLayout ... Why QGridLayout works wrong??​QGridLayout.htm - Cached
  6. ... any idea why this ... it can\'t get any larger than its ... The trick is that you have to add a gridlayout lets say to the main window. the go to MainWindow ...​QGridLayout...size-problem - Cached
  7. You can also directly add a layout manager to QMainWindow, ... Fixed â€" the widget can\'t shrink nor grow. Minimum ... you really need QGridLayout. ...​x3410 - Cached
  8. Can\'t help you like that. ... Layo ut = new QGridLayout(); Layout->addWidget ... The problem is in crash when I trying to add dock widget to child QMainWindow.​QMainWindow/... - Cached
  9. see also - there ... > QGridLayout *layout = new ... (compile error). I can\'t use any label I want to use in ...​msg00512.html - Cached
  10. You probably want to create a “central widget” for the QMainWindow, and add the layout to ... The problematic line is QGridLayout* layout = new ... Why don\'t make ... - Cached