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  1. I have some questions related to symfony 2 form component, Lets say I have an entity which has a field \"created_by\" which refers to the user who created that entity.​bind-custom-fields - Cached
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  4. A symfony form is made of fields. ... Listing 2-19 - Passing uploaded Files to the bind() Method. class contactActions extends sfActions {public function executeIndex ...​form-validation - Cached
  5. ... `Symfony\\\\Component\\\\Form\\\\Field` which predefines ... firstName\', ))); $form->bind($request ... you want to set a custom default value but still ...​book/forms/fields.txt
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  7. Symfony 2 documentation » The Cookbook » Form » How to Create a Custom Form Field Type¶ Symfony comes with a bunch of core field types available for building forms.​custom_field_type.html - Cached
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  10. ... ->getForm(); if ($request->getMethod() == \'POST\') { $form->bind($request ... flexible in Symfony 2 ... to Create a Custom Form Field Type ...​book/forms.html - Cached