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  1. Because I have button which sets image as wallpaper. I don\'t want it to be set as wallpaper every time when I swype to next image. I want to make that user click on ...​wallpaper-from-viewpager - Cached
  2. Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It\'s 100% free, no registration required.​wallpaper-viewpager - Cached
  3. Please show me an example code on how to set image as wallpaper using Android WallpaperManager. ... { private ViewPager pager; ...​image-as-wallpaper.html - Cached
  4. android.service.wallpaper; android.speech; android.speech.tts; ... Set a ViewPager.PageTransformer that will be called for each attached page whenever the scroll ...​view/ViewPager.html - Cached
  5. Fanhow found 20 articles about \'android viewpager set ... 621 Views can i set gif animation as my proflie picture and how to set gif animation as desktop wallpaper ...​set-enter-animation - Cached
  6. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set an Image as wallpaper using Wallpaper Manager. ... Android ViewPager Gallery Images and Texts Tutorial​image-as-wallpaper... - Cached
  7. Although the ViewPager and Fragments are newer constructs in Android, ... Setting Up The Layout File. ... Google\'s Big Data Paper ...​tutorial-using - Cached
  8. In order to allow the application to run on older devices you have to remember to set the ... Live Wallpaper application ... the ViewPager class that ...​docs/Providing... - Cached
  9. So we found out how to use the ViewPager here and so next is how to customise the ... (getApplicationContext(), \"This is a toast that will say: Wallpaper set\", ... - Cached
  10. That was quickly resolved by setting a background color on that view. ... the ViewPager, ... even my wifi settings and wallpaper get reinstalled. - Cached