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  1. The following MySql update state seems to take an excessive amount of time to execute for the recordset provided (~5000 records). The update statement below takes on ...​mysql-simple-moving... - Cached
  2. Free Microsoft SQL Server ... Simple Moving Average ... This can be done simply by calculating a regular average of all the days prior to our first EMA calculation.​Moving+Average/69389
  3. The two most popular types of moving averages are the Simple Moving Average ... so the effects of the simple moving average in the first calculation have fully ...​IndicatorAnalysis/indic_moving... - Cached
  4. MYSQL Simple Moving Average Calculation. 1. calculating moving average for long period. 0. Calculating a Moving Average MySQL? 3. SQL - Calculating variable moving ...​calculating-and... - Cached
  5. A simple moving average, ... just a simple average implemented by the standard SQL function ... of cases that you can use in a weighted moving-average calculation.​ch08.html - Cached
  6. In this example , using closing prices , day 10 is the first day possible to calculate a 10-day simple moving average. As the calculation continues, ...​averages.html - Cached
  7. >moving average in a simple sql statement? ... The calculation is dirt simple. Call the weighted moving average field in a series of records Xbar, ...​203732-rolling-average... - Cached
  8. How to Calculate Simple Moving Average. ... How to Calculate Simple Averages. Calculator or spreadsheet; Show More. Instructions. 1.​simple - Cached
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  9. The Exponential Moving Average The Exponential Moving Average differs from a Simple Moving Average both by calculation method and in the way that prices are weighted.​moving-average/... - Cached
  10. In the first case 5 days will be selected out of my table (for each calculation round) ... Creating a Simple Moving Average with mySQL: Noam Dekers:​read.php?52,148717,148791 - Cached