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  1. I have a webview that displays remote HTML content formatted using a local css file. In my css file I force the backgroung color to black, but it makes links not easy ...​android-change... - Cached
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  6. android.webkit.WebView: ... whether they be opened by JavaScript or by the target attribute on a link. ... when the window containing has change its visibility ...​webkit/WebView.html - Cached
  7. Does anyone know how to change the default link color that is used for Linkify.addLinks()? ... Changing default link color raid5 [android-developers] Re: ...​ - Cached
  8. Color State List; Drawable; Layout; Menu; String; ... id=\"@+id/webview\" android: ... you can override this behavior for your WebView, so links open within your WebView.​webview.html - Cached
  9. Which will be seen in the web view as displayed below. ... You also got properties to change link colors such as android:textColorLink and android: ...​hyperlinktextcolor - Cached
  10. This document outlines the capabilities and limitations of the Webkit canvas component in Android called WebView. ... click on the link, ... foreground colors. - Cached